Fluorescent Water Tracing Dye - Red or Green - 1 Gallon

As low as $34.99

If your water system has problems, but ya don't know where they're comin' from. The Green Gobbler's got ya. This Water Tracing Dye creates an intense fluorescent color in water to help ya find the the source of your problems. Just put the dye in, and ya can conduct leak tracing, dispersion/diffusion pattern analysis, overflow analysis, discharge testing, sea marking, and more.

And just because you're turnin' your water bright red or green doesn't mean you're hurtin' the environment. It's biodegradable and doesn't harm fish, wildlife, or your equipment. It helps solve problems, not cause more. So, next time ya' need to pinpoint the issues in your water system, Let the Gobbler Get It.

  • CONCENTRATED WATER TRACING DYE. Perfect for leak tracing, dispersion/diffusion pattern analysis, overflow analysis, discharge testing, sea marking, and time-flow studies.
  • TRACE WATER LEAKS EASILY. Need a dye to trace water leaks? Use our ultra-concentrated fluorescent water tracing dye for sewers, toilets, pools, and septic tanks.
  • NON-STAINING, CONCENTRATED FORMULA. Fluorescent water tracing dye will not stain surfaces or clothing. Your concrete, asphalt, tile, metal, and plaster surfaces are safe.
  • HIGHLY DISTINCTIVE COLORANT (RED OR GREEN). This bright water tracing dye ensures maximum visibility under any condition. However, the dye can be traced more accurately under ultraviolet light or measured with a fluorometer.
  • BIODEGRADABLE. Our water tracing dye will not harm fish or wildlife. It does not contain glycol so it can be used safely in river and pond studies.

Use 1 cup of dye per 300 gallons of water. Use 1 gallon of dye per 5,000 to 10,000 gallons of water.

Do you have to use a blacklight with this product?

This product is a highly visible and distinctive fluorescent color that can be measured using a "black" ultraviolet light or precisely measured with a fluorometer. It can also be used when there is no sun or in low light conditions. This product is biodegradable. Excellent for finding leaks.

Can this be used to find leaks in your vehicles cooling system?

Yes, you can use this to find a leak in your vehicle cooling system.

Should the pool filter be running when using tracing dye?

No it should be off. For the test to be effective, the water needs to be as still as possible. In order to achieve this, turn your pool equipment off.

Does a blacklight help in finding the leak?

In dark areas, Yes.

Can I use this on an overhead leak on my deck?

Yes you can. The dye will pinpoint the leak location by following the leak trail.

Does this product clean up from floors and/or a concrete sidewalk?

This dye is nonstaining and will wash out of virtually any surface or fabric.

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