1. My Holiday Drain Clog Nightmare

    My Holiday Drain Clog Nightmare

    Prepping for the holidays includes a lot of work around the house. Something most people don’t have time for is a holiday drain clog. What is a holiday drain clog, you may ask? It’s like a normal drain clog, but fancy, and just in time for the holidays. Here's how to deal with one.

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  2. How To Easily Remove Drain Clogs

    How To Easily Remove Drain Clogs

    Whether you’re a homeowner or a maintenance worker at an office or commercial building, you’ve probably had to deal with one of the most common maintenance problems – clearing a clogged drain. From soap residue to food scraps to hair, there are many different things that can lead to drain clogs. And while it may seem like a simple thing to take care of, a clogged drain can in fact be one of the more difficult maintenance tasks to do properly.

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