Welcome to Breakin’ It Down with the Green Gobbler. 

Let’s talk toilets. 

Now, I’m just gonna tell ya straight up, there’s nothin’ grosser than a clogged toilet. Like, standin’ water is bad enough as is. But with toilets, ya gotta think about the nasty stuff that’s probably causin’ the clog and then realize that’s also a part of the standin’ water too. It's not just gross, it's also…well…crappy.

Ya probably already know that there are a lot of different methods to unclog a toilet. There’s no doubt you’ve seen countless chemical clog removers at the store and advertised on TV. But before you head out to the nearest store to grab any bottle of clog remover, ya need to know that a lot of these products might actually do more harm to your system than good, especially when you’re dealin’ with a toilet clog.

It’s time to break it down.

Here’s the deal. Yeah, most of those removers take care of clogs. But they could possibly do a little bit more—like harm your toilet, pipes, and septic systems. That’s because most of their formulas contain bleach, lye, chlorine, or salt. All of which are corrosive to your plumbing. So, ya put that stuff in your toilet, and your pipes might start breakin’ down. So, yeah, you can use ‘em, and they’ll probably get rid of the clog, but ya might also hurt your pipes and toilet in the process. Thankfully, I’ve got some better options to take care of your problem.


Plungers seem like a pretty basic solution. But if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 

First things first, put the plunger in the toilet and make sure you've got a tight seal between the lip of the plunger and the hole leading into the drain. If the water level’s runnin' a little low, no need to worry—give the bowl a little extra water to make sure the plunger is fully covered, but not so much that you need to build an ark. Now, ya just have to give it some vigorous plunges. Keep plungin’ up and down, be persistent, and with a can-do attitude, you’ll hear the sweet sound of swoosh as the blockage makes its way to the sewer!

Now, this could just be me and my line of work, but there’s somethin’ so poetic about plungers.  Usin’ a plunger is simple, effective, and keeps your pipes intact. It's a real tried and true method.

Pipe Augers

As much as I wanna wax poetic about plungers, they don’t always do the trick. Because all clogs are different, and not every one of ‘em pushes through or sucks out with a plunger. Sometimes, ya need to get down and dirty

When ya have no choice but to call in the cavalry, you’re gonna need a pipe auger, aka the plumber's snake (way cooler than it sounds, I promise). Drain snakes are essentially ribbed cables. Ya just shove one of ‘em down your drain, the snake contacts with the clog, twist it to help the clog catch on the ribs to separate it from the pipe, then pull everythin’ out. And just like that, the clog is gone, and your toilet’s flowin’ again. It’s that simple.

Green Gobbler Drain Clog Dissolver

I’m gonna level with ya, plungers and drain snakes can do the trick, but man, they can also be disgustin’. I mean, think about it. You’ve got a toilet clogged with who-knows-what, and you’re puttin’ yourself dangerously close to it. Then, ya have to deal with possible splash back, or worse, whatever gross stuff is attached to your drain snake. It’s not for the squeamish. 

So, if the idea of that churns your stomach, ya might just wanna use my Drain Clog Dissolver (Get it here). Imagine this: your toilet's slower than a sloth on holiday, and you're there, ready to go full-on mad scientist with your Green Gobbler concoction. Here's the scoop – ya don't need to block off your whole day. Just pour it down the drain, then go about your business as it sits and does its thing. Come back after a bit and give it a flush, and the drain should be all clear.

Now, I know you’re sayin’, “But Gobbler, didn’t ya tell me that stuff is bad for my pipes and toilet?” 

And my answer is, no. I said MOST clog removers aren’t safe to use in your toilet. Green Gobbler Drain Clog Dissolver is different. It’s not made from bleach, lye, chlorine, or salt. It’s a friendlier formula that sinks through standin’ water and starts eatin’ the clog right away—and only the clog. Your porcelain throne, pipes, and septic tank are all safe. 

This stuff is guaranteed to dissolve hair, grease, soap, and toilet paper. And if ya don’t believe me, send it back within 30-days and ya get your money-back. So, go ahead and give it a shot.

Toilet clogs can be literally and figuratively crappy. There’s no doubt about that. But don't let other major clog removers make it worse in the long run. Ya have options. So, the next time water’s standin’ where you’re sittin’, Let the Gobbler Get It.