How to Get Rid of Septic Tank Clogs

Don’t you just love it when you flush the toilet and it doesn’t drain? We're kidding, of course. The sound of a toilet gurgling, water running nonstop or the water level rising can be panic-attack inducing. It’s an undesirable scenario, not to mention it involves lots of dirty work and elbow grease with plunging and cleaning up the resulting mess. 

Sometimes, clogs and backups are caused by something trapped in your pipe. But if you have a septic system, the clog or overflow could point to a problem inside your tank. 

Sometimes clogs occur inside your septic tank, resulting in obstructions in the tank and issues with drainage. A knee-jerk reaction might be to call a plumber come check the problem and then pump out your tank. But that might cost hundreds — if not thousands — of dollars. What if we told you that you could fix it by yourself? While calling in a professional may be necessary in certain circumstances, there are ways to fix this problem without running for help right away. 

How to Get Rid of Septic Tank Clogs

While looking online, you’ll find lots of life hacks and “DIY” methods to fix things around the house. When looking for ways to unclog your septic tank, you may want to try things like pouring boiling water steadily down the drain or pouring vinegar into your drains to break up clogs. These are common at-home remedies for clogs, however, they aren’t recommended because they are not guaranteed to work. 

Sometimes you’ll need a professional drain cleaner to pour down the drain in order to get rid of clogs. Just beware of chemical drain cleaners that aren’t specifically made for septic systems. These chemical cleaners do eat away at clogs but will also kill beneficial bacteria in your tank and disrupt the bacterial balance. 

Think of it as taking antibiotics. Yes, the bad bacteria will die off, but so will the good bacteria. This is why doctors give you specific instructions on how you should take antibiotics and will sometimes recommend supplementing with probiotics to keep the balance. 

When it comes to a drain cleaner or clog remover, the best thing to do is to purchase one that contains concentrated bacteria and enzymes that will eat away the harmful bacteria and matter inside your tank while increasing the number of beneficial bacteria and enzymes. Your septic tank is like an ecosystem that must stay balanced in order to continue working the proper way. Using a product like Septic Blast can work wonders when trying to restore your septic system.


How to Use it

All you need to do is pour 2 cups into your first or ground floor toilet, then flush twice to ensure the water has reached your tank efficiently. The product will then begin to slowly eat away at the clogs in your tank, so it’s important to stay patient. Just because you haven’t seen improvement yet doesn’t mean the beneficial bacteria and enzymes aren’t hard at work. You may need to repeat this process every day for several days before seeing the clog fully cleared.

And voila! Your septic tank is now cleared and restored to its natural state. It doesn’t get easier than this. At Green Gobbler, we provide great alternatives to harsh chemicals and maintenance supplies so that you can fix your problems without impacting the environment or your plumbing system. Choose Septic Blast to get the job done today!

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