How to Unclog Drains with a Product Safe for Septic Systems

You’ve probably had to deal with a clogged drain at some point in your life. Still, every time the water rises in the toilet or the sink takes forever to drain, it can cause anxiety or give you that mental breakdown feeling. When you have a septic tank, it can be even more frustrating trying to figure out a way to diffuse the situation while still being “septic safe.”

No one wants to take a shower with two inches of dirty water piling up at their feet. Just don’t pull your hair out in frustration — that will only lead to more clogging! We'll show you what to look for and avoid when it comes to slow-moving drains.

Why are chemical drain openers harmful to septic systems?

A septic system is an ecosystem of bacteria and enzymes that break down all organic waste (aka what you flush). It separates and filters all the inorganic matter from the wastewater and drains that into the soil. This system can be disrupted when too much inorganic waste is flushed into your tank on a regular basis.

One of the worst things to do when trying to clear your tank is to flush antibacterial or chemical drain cleaners down the toilet. These harmful drain cleaners are common but will do absolutely nothing to help the ecosystem of your tank. In fact, destroying bacteria will have an adverse effect on your septic system

What you really need is a product that contains beneficial bacteria that will – instead of destroying bacteria and enzymes — team up with the already existing bacteria and enzymes to break down and digest waste to restore the natural balance of your septic tank.

Forget the chemical cleaners and look for a drain cleaner or drain opener listed as septic safe and biodegradable. "Septic safe" indicates that the product will not corrode the septic tank materials; biodegradable indicates the formula will degrade naturally and not harm surrounding areas.

The perfect drain clog removal product for septic systems/septic tanks?

Now that you know the top two things to look for in a drain cleaner or drain opener, Green Gobbler’s Drain Opening Pacs provide a biodegradable formula that liquefies hair, soap scum and other organic materials. It also comes with a product guarantee, meaning you’ll receive money back if the product doesn’t help unclog slow drains. Talk about a win-win.

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