How to Preserve Flowers With Sugar & Vinegar

It's Springtime! That means flowers and trees will start to bloom if they haven't already. It's a beautiful time when nature comes back to life: birds chirp, grass grows green and pollen begins to swirl around. For those of you who have a garden, you may want to pick some flowers and create a bouquet for someone you love — or a beautiful centerpiece for the kitchen table.

Flowers bring light into dark times and keep your home feeling bright and cheery. Here are some ways to pick flowers and keep them nice and preserved.

Keep Flowers Fresh Longer

Here is what you need to keep your flowers fresh:

  • Sugar: regular white granulated sugar works great
  • White vinegar: anywhere between 5-10% white vinegar is perfect

The sugar helps feed the flowers the right nutrients to survive longer even after they are cut. The vinegar keeps the pH of the flowers balanced, preserving and prolonging their lifespan.

Step 1:

Choose your beautiful flowers and cut them from the bottom of the stem at an angle. Cutting them at an angle helps the nutrients from your mixture reach the right places in the flower's stem and petals.

Step 2:

Mix equal parts sugar and equal parts vinegar together for a balancing mixture. Use discretion regarding how much of the ingredients to use. It all depends on how many flowers you want to feed.

Step 3:

Pour a few cups of water into the sugar-vinegar mixture and place the bouquet of flowers into a vase filled with the mixture and voila!

Your flowers will now last several days longer than before!