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White vinegar has many uses around the house, like cleaning kitchen and bathroom surfaces, stain removal, and getting rid of sludge and grime in hard to reach places. But there are also several outdoor uses for vinegar that are often overlooked.

If you're a homeowner with a yard or perhaps a garden, you know how taxing it can be to take care of everything during the warmer months. You may have several different products for different things: weed killers, furniture polishers, mold removers, etc. But when it comes to outdoor maintenance, vinegar is the almighty savior that can do so many things.

Outdoor Uses for Vinegar


Weed Killer

White Vinegar is one of the best natural weed killers out there. It eliminates all kinds of weeds without leaving behind a dangerous chemical footprint as other weed killers do.

Adjust Soil pH

Did you know the pH of your soil matters for different plants? While some flowers, herbs, and vegetables require an alkaline environment, some require an acidic environment. Vinegar is perfect for adjusting sections of your garden soil to be more acidic for those acid-loving plants.

Clean Pots

Flower pots can become coated in dust, pollen, or mold over time, making your garden look dull and unkempt. Use white vinegar to clean off the outside of your pots to freshen up the place and remove contaminants from your yard.

Get Rid of Bugs

Some bugs are absolutely necessary for your garden's health, like bees and butterflies. But there are many insects that only bring destruction to the beautiful garden you've built. Ants and slugs are the biggest culprits when it comes to insects eating away at your plants. Use white vinegar around the perimeter of your garden beds to stop insects from crossing over into your plant's territory.

Remove Rust From Tools

Gardening and lawn tools are often kept outside where the elements can wear away at them over time. Rust formation due to moist environments is a common cause of outdoor tools' demise. Use white vinegar and a scrubbing brush to scrub away any rust, leaving you with a smooth finish.

Clean Patio Furniture

Patio furniture can also become encased in rust, dirt, pollen, or mold due to the environment they're left in. Use a sprayer to spray your patio furniture, then wipe down in order to remove whatever was on the outside of your furniture.


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