Cold Pressed Orange Oil Kit


Life can get pretty messy. Made using 90% D-Limonene (a magical chemical found in citrus peels), our all-purpose cleaner puts up a fight against dirt, grime and other gross stuff. At the end of the day, you'll be hugged by a refreshing citrus scent. How heavenly.

Green Gobbler's Orange Oil is like the mixed-martial artist of all-purpose cleaners. It fights grease, grime, dirt, oil and sticky residue without breaking a sweat. 

Not only is Orange Oil tough on everyday stains, it's perfect for those out-of-the-ordinary instances, like if you need to clean your exhaust hood or get gum off your kitchen table. We can bet your home has never looked (or smelled) this good. Ditch the other cleaners and pick up Orange Oil today.

  • You can clean your floors, windows, countertops, bathrooms and so much more.
  • It’s perfect for unique tasks, like cleaning jewelry and polishing wood furniture.
  • Our solution is recognized as safe-to-use by the FDA.
  • Safe to use around your children and pets.
  • You don’t need a lot of it to get the job done. A little goes a long way.
  • Bundle includes one 22.5oz bottle of Orange Oil and one empty bottle with trigger sprayer

22.5 oz bottle + spray bottle

Traditional Use: Orange Oil comes with a spray bottle that includes a convenient list of common uses and appropriate measurements. We hope this allows you to make the most out of our all-purpose cleaner. Always shake well before using.

What are the ingredients in Cold Pressed Orange Oil Kit?

It contains D-Limonene and Coconut Surfactant.

Can Cold Pressed Orange Oil Kit be used as a Mosquito Repellent?


Can Cold Pressed Orange Oil Kit be put in an essential oil diffuser?

Yes. You Can. Please be advised that orange oil is very concentrated.

Can Cold Pressed Orange Oil Kit be used on wood furniture and wood cabinet?

Orange oil has hundreds of uses. It can be used on furniture and cabinets. Make sure to dilute it with plenty of water. Please make sure to test out on a small section of the furniture before proceeding.

How many gallons of cleaning solutions will Cold Pressed Orange Oil Kit make?

1oz of product is used with water to make a gallon of cleaner. For general household cleaning, you could get about 32 gallons of cleaner out of the 32z bottle.

Can Cold Pressed Orange Oil Kit be used on Stainless Steel?


Will Cold Pressed Orange Oil Kit help keep cats from spraying?

Cats do not like citrus smell. So, it will keep them away from areas treated but it will not prevent them from spraying all together.

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