Foaming Root Killer - 10lb


Plumbing issues are a real nuisance. Sometimes, no matter how much you plunge and use drain cleaners, your toilet still overflows and your sink drains poorly. How frustrating! Now enter FOAMING ROOT KILLER!

Foaming Root Killer targets plant and tree roots that cause blockages inside your pipes. Because pipes contain heat and water, they become prime real estate for roots to settle in and grow larger and larger -- a big no-no if you want your plumbing to work efficiently. Did you know some trees can infiltrate your pipes from as far as 20 ft away?

Luckily, our powerful foaming formula dehydrates roots until they become brittle and dissolve away, helping leave you with cleared pipes! Don't pay a large sum to have your tree roots physically cut out over and over again. Purchase our product for easy removal and maintenance NOW!

  • GET TO THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM (Literally!) - Root Killer will dissolve the tree roots growing inside your pipes with foaming killer action! Our formula will NOT damage trees if used as directed.
  • SAVE MONEY - Instead of paying to have roots physically cut out and removed over and over again with no lasting results, use Foaming Root Killer to eliminate roots and help prevent regrowth. Let the solution do all the work and save your money in the process!
  • HELP PREVENT REGROWTH - Foaming Root Killer can be used to prevent roots from entering and regrowing inside your piping system! Follow maintenance directions for best results.
Foaming Root Killer - 10lb
Foaming Root Killer - 10lb Foaming Root Killer - 10lb Foaming Root Killer - 10lb Foaming Root Killer - 10lb Foaming Root Killer - 10lb Foaming Root Killer - 10lb

Flush two pounds of product into first floor toilet. Do not use toilet or drain any water into sewer line for 10-12 hours.

For active problems, repeat daily for three days.

For maintenance, repeat once every two months.

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