Enzyme Drain Cleaner - 1 Gallon

Get a clog that won’t quit? Try Green Gobbler’s Enzyme Drain Cleaner. This product uses natural lipase enzymes (instead of harmful chemicals) to clear buildup in grease traps, septic tanks and similar plumbing systems.

Green Gobbler’s Enzyme Drain Cleaner uses lipase enzymes to break down oil and grease molecules, which are then digested by bacteria. While the enzymes are at work, our product releases free fatty acids, which lowers the pH level of the environment and creates harsh conditions for the bacteria.

Our formula eliminates odors and clogs within hours of application. Trust Green Gobbler to do all of the hard work for you.

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  • Degrades fats, oils, greases, starches, proteins, cellulose and other food waste
  • Eliminates odors associated with grease traps and drain lines
  • Increases efficacy of grease traps by allowing bacteria to work more effectively
  • Targets FOG, even as the pH decreases
  • Promotes separation of water phase from FOG phase, thanks to de-emulsifying surfactant
  • Works in drain lines, lift stations, sewers, septic tanks, leach fields, cesspools, grease traps and grease interceptors
Enzyme Drain Cleaner - 1 Gallon
Enzyme Drain Cleaner - 1 Gallon Enzyme Drain Cleaner - 1 Gallon
  1. Regular Drain Clogs: Use 2 to 4 oz. weekly.
  2. Problematic Drains: Use 2 to 4 oz. daily.
  3. Small to medium-size Grease Traps: Use 8 to 10 oz. daily.
  4. Large Grease Traps: Add 18 to 20 oz. daily.
  5. High-volume Grease Traps: Add 36 to 40 oz daily.
  6. Septic Tank Treatment: Add 16 to 32 oz. weekly; add the same amount on a monthly basis for routine maintenance.
  7. Wet Wells, Collection Systems, Sewer Pipes and Wastewater Treatment Plants: Meter 25 to 50 gallons per month into the system.
  8. Boat & RV Wastewater Holding Tanks: Simply add 4 oz per week.
What are the ingredients in Enzyme Sink Drain Cleaner?

Enzyme Sink Drain Cleaner contains a bacteria and enzyme blend with additional surfactants.

Does Enzyme Sink Drain Cleaner contain sodium hydroxide?

No. It doesn’t.

What will Enzyme Sink Drain Cleaner work on?

Enzyme Sink Drain Cleaner is primarily used to degrade and digest grease, fats, oil, sludge and organic material that cakes up in the drain line.

Is Enzyme Sink Drain Cleaner safe for all types of pipes and drain systems?

Yes. It won’t harm or affect the pipes in any negative way.

Does Enzyme Sink Drain Cleaner remove Sugar Bacteria buildup?

Absolutely. It will breakdown sugar into a biodegradable liquid.

Will Enzyme Sink Drain Cleaner get rid of Drain or Fruit Flies?

No. However, we have a product called Fruit Fly Goodbye that is designed to prevent and kill fruit and drain fly.

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