Bio-Flow Drain Cleaner & Deodorizer Strips (Lemon) - 12 Strip Pack


Food is great except when it's inside your drain. Then it's gross—and stinky. Thankfully, the Green Gobbler's got ya with lemon-scented Drain Sticks. One of these little sticks packs a big punch to food and grease stickin' inside your pipes. Just drop it in and let the enzymatic and biodegradable formula do the rest. In the end, your pipes will be smellin' lemony fresh and flowin' like new.

These sticks break down over time and are safe for all sinks, tubs, toilet tanks, and more. So, these sticks do the trick no matter where the problem is. And if they don't, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, when the food in your pipes is stinkin' up the joint, Let the Gobbler Get It.

  • Eliminates grease, oil, fats, scum and food quickly for easy drain cleaning
  • Uses slow-dissolving enzymes to take care of lodged organic materials
  • Safe on pipes and septic systems (including old pipes and PVC pipes)
  • Perfect as a part of a monthly drain cleaning routine (no more clogs!)
  • Biodegradable formula
  • Lemon Scent

Traditional Use: Once a month, drop one Bio-Flow strip into the drain for cleaning and deodorizing. Perfect for kitchen and bathroom drains.

Is Bio Flow Deodorizing Strips safe to use in Bathroom Sink, Bathtub, Kitchen Sink, Garbage Disposal, Heat Pump Drain, Washing Machine Drain and Septic System?

Yes. It is perfectly safe.

Will Bio Flow Deodorizing Strips Dissolve?

Yes. It will dissolve within a few weeks. It will slowly release the chemicals to continue to maintain the drains.

Is Bio Flow Deodorizing Strips Odor Free?

Out of the box, the Bio Flow Deodorizing Strips will have a pleasant soapy smell.

Is Bio Flow Deodorizing Strips safe for all types of pipes?

Yes. It won’t harm or affect the pipes in any negative way.

How often should it be used?

Once every month.

View and download Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
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