Cleaning Chemicals You Should Never Mix

Does your cleaning cabinet contain several different products for different tasks? With so many bottles of cleaner around, it's important to be aware of the ways different chemicals interact with each other.

When you're cleaning, the last thing you need is chemical burns or to breathe in toxic fumes. When cleaning surfaces in your home, make sure you're knowledgable on what chemicals and ingredients your cleaners contain — and what not to mix.

Cleaning Chemicals to Avoid Mixing

Bleach & Rubbing Alcohol: Never, ever combine these two chemicals. The mixture of bleach and rubbing alcohol creates chloroform, a dangerous toxic fume that can leave you unconscious.

Two Different Drain Cleaners: Different brands of drain cleaners and drain openers contain different combinations of chemicals, natural ingredients and bacteria. They should never be used within the same day of each other. It could result in a dangerous, corrosive reaction in your pipes. Stick to one at a time to avoid issues.

Vinegar + Bleach: Vinegar is one of the greatest natural cleaners, but it should never be combined with bleach. The combination of bleach and vinegar creates a chlorine gas that can damage your eyes, nose and lungs.

Vinegar + Hydrogen Peroxide: When these two are combined, they can create a highly corrosive combo that can burn and damage many different household surfaces, including your hands.

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