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Sometimes your sink can radiate a horrible smell that puts vats of toxic waste to shame. And during the jolliest time of year, it’s totally unacceptable for your kitchen and bathroom to smell of anything other than pine needles and cranberries. So unless you’re interested in being the family grinch, maybe you should ensure your home doesn’t smell like him.

Pipes go through a lot, and with all the work we put them through every day, they are guaranteed to become stinky at some point. Your pipes can emanate a god-awful smell that will have your guests running for the hills during Christmastime. The key to fixing the vomit-inducing drain smell is obviously prevention. So before your drains gets the point where you wouldn’t touch it with a thirty-nine-and-a-half foot pole, start treating it now so come holiday-time they will be in tip-top shape.

Freshen Up Drains with Drain Deodorizer

To get that stomach-churning smell out of your drains, use a product that deodorizes and introduces a fresh scent to your pipes. You can also use cleaning products that will prevent smells and clogs from popping up in the future. 

Deodorize Drains

To deodorize drains quickly - use a special drain deodorizing product. Something like Bio Flow Drain Deodorizing Sticks will quickly and effectively get rid of smelly drains. All you have to do is drop one of these sticks down your kitchen or bathroom drain and allow it to work its deodorizing magic. No scrubbing is involved, and certainly no expensive plumber visits during the inconvenient holiday season.

Clean Drains

Now that we’ve established the best ways to deodorize drains, it’s important to note that bad smells that come from drains often happen when matter builds up and attaches itself to your pipes. This causes it to sit and start smelling up the entire system. Use something like Refresh to clean out your drain and garbage disposal to ensure that matter won't build up and get stinky in the future.

Not only do pipes obtain matter buildup that causes bad smells, but septic systems do, too. This is why it’s important to maintain your septic tank health regularly so that your pipes and drains won't start smelling up the house. Use Septic Saver to keep your septic tank healthy by eliminating matter and restoring bacterial balance. 

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