Build-Up Remover Gel - 64oz


No one has time for slow-movin' drains. But if you've got em, get the Green Gobbler. This Build-Up Remover Gel uses an enzymatic and biodegradable formula to chow down on any build-up in your pipes. Whether hair, soap scum, or anythin' else is slowin' ya down, this stuff gets ya goin' again. 

This comes with an easy-pour spout and measuring cap and is safe for all pipes, septic tanks, and plumbing systems. It doesn't smell like chemicals. Heck, it doesn't smell like anything at all because it's completely odorless. And if you're still not convinced, take me up on the 30-day money-back guarantee and see for yourself. So, the next time build-up gives you a breakdown, Let the Gobbler Get It.

  • REMOVE BUILDUP IN PIPES: Green Gobbler Build-Up Remover Gel uses a plant-based surfactant to break down buildup in pipes. The thickened gel clings to problem area, while natural enzymes and digestive bacteria remove buildup to keep your pipes flowing.
  • PLANT-BASED & pH NEUTRAL: Powerful enzymes and digestive bacteria work to eliminate buildup inside your pipes. The formula contains a natural citrus scent and is free from phosphates, chlorine and ammonia, making it safer for your pipes.
  • SIMPLE TO USE: For slow-moving drains, pour 8-16 ounces directly into your drain. Wait 8-12 hours before running water to allow enzymes to work. For toilets, pour in four ounces and flush, but we recommend doing so at night because you should wait 8-12 hours before using the toilet again.
  • MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: We stand by our products. Green Gobbler is guaranteed or your money back. Simply contact our customer service team if you are unhappy with your results. We test and know it works.
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