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Toilets can be stinky... for obvious reasons.

Your sink drain, on the other hand, is the last thing you'd think would be causing a rotten smell. But make no mistake, your sink is a haven for bacteria and scum buildup... which leads to bad smells. Whether in the kitchen or bathroom, a sink can be a sour spot and bring the energy down in a room if it's not smelling fresh. And air fresheners and candles can only go so far.

That flowery Febreze you use mixed with the stench of rotten eggs in your sink can create an off-putting environment for everyone, especially if you're going to be staying home in the coming weeks. So get those drains deodorized for the good of everyone in your household.

How to deodorize your sink drain

Step 1. To start, you should probably try to remove the source of the problem, which is likely buildup. Pay attention to the way your sink drains. If it seems to be going down slow, you probably have a clog on your hands. So your first step should be using a drain clog remover, like these packs that will open up your drains. (If a clog is not your problem, skip on to the next step). 

Step 2. Once you've removed the source, a drain deodorizer is probably the best option for removing the gross smells emitting from inside your pipes. Pick up something like these drain deodorizing sticks. They're easy to use and will keep your drains smelling nice and fresh. 

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