How To Unclog Any Drain In Your Home

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We're Ashley and Jamin Mills from The Handmade Home, and as a busy family of five (with two giant rescue dogs and three betta fish to boot), our life can get a little crazy. Managing a household is a full-time job all on its own, let alone a small business that contains a lot of moving parts. So just like everyone else, we don't really have time or energy in our lives to worry about things when something goes awry. So, when it comes to plumbing, we simply need a good drain cleaner. Today, we're sharing the guide to tackling plumbing issues that you can do yourself. But first, a little backstory on our home.

Our house works hard for us and that includes the parts we don't even think about until something happens. A product that we keep on hand at all times for our drains is Green Gobbler.

Clogged drains happen: Sometimes mysteriously when we least expect it, and sometimes right on schedule. When they do, it can feel a lot like a mini-apocalypse. Kids running amuck, dogs barking, everyone freaking out. No one wants a clogged toilet, sink, bathtub, or shower. And once upon a time, it was a combo of coin tosses, rock paper scissors, and best out of three Monopoly tournaments before we decided who actually had to deal with it.

I've even been known to shamelessly play roulette with the toilet and flush to see if I was lucky enough for it to clear on its own after the clog was established. Yes, I am confessing that here and I do have a penchant for drama and anxiety when it comes to malfunctioned plumbing.

Our home is older and currently has two baths. So with a family of five, we really can't have one single thing to go out of commission for us. And when something does go wrong, and a sink is clogged, we don't want to schedule a plumber or pay costly, unnecessary bills. Green Gobbler has been an incredible game-changer for us. It keeps those hiccups totally manageable, without having to wait around between twelve to five for someone to {not} show up, or have a small problem turn into a bigger one.

I'm also no longer playing roulette with the toilet, so that's a bonus.

Green Gobbler makes managing all those little things totally possible when it comes to all things plumbing. What I'm saying is, it's now possible to unclog a sink, eliminate that hair clog and take care of that toilet without the great debate over who has to take it on. It's basically touch and mess-free.

Because it's actually easy. Here's what we love about Green Gobbler:

• Two sizes for various needs

The Green Gobbler company makes a lot of wonderful products. They're all about more effective cleaners for the home. But we especially love the Green Gobbler Drain Clog Dissolver in 31oz, and the Green Gobbler Drain Clog Dissolver 1-Gallon.

One is an award-winning bottle, pre-measured for zero fuss. The other comes in a bigger amount with a little measuring depending on the job. Both include clear, no-fuss instructions on the back to quickly take care of the problem.

• It Works

Is there anything grosser than standing in water that won't drain out of your shower, because of a clogged drain? We can think of a few but we won't list them here. Green Gobbler removes that stubborn clog and it's the best drain cleaner for hair. My daughter and I actually have the perfect storm for hair and clogged drains, so it's a recurring issue in our house. It breaks down the hair that’s stuck in your bathroom drain and liquefies soap scum, too.

• Septic Friendly

I mentioned our home is older, but it's also on a septic tank. Before we moved in, we'd heard so many horror stories about all things septic, at first we were a little timid with anything pertaining to the plumbing. We over-analyzed all our cleaners, shampoo and laundry detergent. We wondered when to feed it and when to have it cleaned out or serviced. Green Gobbler is the best drain cleaner for us because we can use it and know it's not harming our system. It's essential that we have septic friendly and odorless options for our home.

• It's Biodegradable

The actual dissolver is a patented blend, made from an enzyme drain cleaner which can easily clear all organic materials. That makes it safe for pipes in the kitchen or bathroom. It's fine for PVC and copper pipes, and it's odorless. Not sure about you guys, but this is a huge bonus in our book since it doesn't contain sodium hydroxide or bleach. The people and animals who live in our home come first, and we need dependable products to use within these walls.

We love that we can actually take on those once-stressful clogged drains in our home, without all the extra drama, bills, time, and mess.

Green Gobbler is literally magic in a bottle, with an easy fix for clogged drains. We keep it on hand, so that we have it when we need it, and it's one less thing to worry about, from safety to practicality. It's amazing what one little bottle can accomplish. We keep it at the very top of our supplies list!

Thanks so much for checking in today, so that we could share what a game-changer Green Gobbler has been for us!

Have an inspired day!

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