Epoxy Patching System - 25lb Pail

Don't let your curb appeal slip between the cracks. Epoxy Patch is a unique patching system designed to fill and resurface cracks, holes, and pits in a variety of surface types – not just concrete. This ultra-strength formula is simple to use and contains all the materials needed for easy mixing and application. You can even feather-edge the mortar to obtain the perfect finish.

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  • FILL AND RESURFACE CRACKS AND HOLES. Cracks crippling your curb appeal? Use our revolutionary Epoxy Patch system to fill cracks, holes, and pits inside or outside of your home or business.
  • USE ON MORE THAN JUST PAVEMENT. Epoxy Patch bonds to cracked concrete, asphalt, wood, metal, and other surfaces prone to cracking and spalling. Fill cracks in garage floors, basement floors, driveways, wooden beams, brick walls, etc.
  • COMES WITH STRONG MIXING AGENTS. Epoxy Patch comes with all three components required to create a strong & dense formula. The resin, hardener, and aggregate are all delivered in a sturdy plastic pail.
  • USEFUL FOR ANCHORING EQUIPMENT. Use Epoxy Patch to anchor posts and signs. Epoxy Patch forms a paste-link substance that is 100% waterproof and starts to harden in about an hour after application.

Lasts Long. Stays Strong

ASPHALT PATCH is made of a mix of limestone, quartz, a petroleum solvent, and a petroleum asphalt base. Together, these ingredients create a fast-drying, long-lasting product that holds up against heavy traffic.

Done in no time. - Trust ASPHALT PATCH to take the pain out of patching. Once tamped, it’ll dry in less than an hour.

Leave potholes in the past. - Take care of those annoying cracks and potholes. You can also use our patch to fill cracks in brick, concrete, and stone.

Combine parts labeled A & B in the container for three minutes. Then add aggregate in small amounts until combined materials are moist and easy to spread. This can be done by hand with a mixing stick or with an electric drill mixer. The mixture can be ground to a smooth finish or have sand, rocks, and gravel sprinkled in to blend with surrounding surfaces.

When ideal consistency is reached, trowel mixture into and over any cracks, holes, and pits until smooth. Allow 6-8 hours of drying time.

For smaller amounts: mix half of “Mix A” with half of “Mix B” – then add in half of the aggregate in small amounts.


For best results:

Before you apply the epoxy mix -- clear loose aggregate, dust, dirt, grease, and oil from the area. Once you create the mix, trowel it into and over any cracks, holes, or pits in the surface. Avoid water during the mixing of ingredients and drying time. Allow 6-8 hours of drying time.

Can this be applied to a vertical surface?

Yes, you can apply Epoxy Patch on vertical surfaces. Follow directions for best results.

Can Epoxy Patch get wet?

For best results, avoid direct contact with moisture during the mixing and drying process.

How much of the mixture do I need?

A 50 lb. pail covers approximately 10-15 square feet. A 25 lb. pail covers approximately 5-8 square feet.

What color is the finished product?

The finished product dries to a medium grey. Not too dark, not too light.

Can this be used on a garage floor in which a car would be parked on?

Yes. Epoxy Patch is formulated to hold the weight of a heavy vehicle and will not crack.

Can resurfacing concrete be used on top of this epoxy?

Yes. Just allow the epoxy to fully cure and harden before using resurfacing concrete.

Can this be sanded/polished for a smooth finish?

Yes, Epoxy Patch can be sanded, drilled, or tapped for a nice, smooth finish.

What is the Tensile Strength?

The tensile strength of Epoxy Patch is 3,500 PSI

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