Porta Fresh Portable Potty Deodorizer


If it’s your responsibility to maintain a batch of portable toilets, keep ‘em clean with Porta Fresh. This product will break down organic material and freshen up even the most unmentionable restroom conditions.

Say goodbye to clogged toilet waste and foul odors with Green Gobbler’s Porta Fresh, a specialty solution designed to break down waste in demanding environments, including portable toilets.

Porta Fresh’s bacteria and surfactants will target and destroy organic waste on a molecular level. With this handy digestant and deodorizer, you can save time and money, and protect your sanity.

  • Breaks up organic waste and paper
  • Reduces pump-out frequency and prevents clogs
  • Controls foul odors for an extended period with a fresh scent
  • Safe to use in RVs, boats, porta potties, outhouses and pit toilets
Porta Fresh Portable Potty Deodorizer
Porta Fresh Portable Potty Deodorizer

Marine and RV Holding Tanks: Simply flush eight ounces down the toilet bowl for every 40 gallons of holding tank capacity.

Portable Toilets: Simply add four ounces into the waste holding tank and add enough water to cover the bottom of the tank. Repeat as needed or between pump-outs.

Outhouses and Latrines: Add 16 ounces for every 250 gallons of pit capacity. Repeat weekly to control solid waste accumulations and odors.

Does Porta Fresh Deodorizer contain sodium hydroxide?

No. It doesn’t.

What will Porta Fresh Deodorizer work on?

The Porta Fresh Deodorizer is designed to be used in portable toilets, rv’s and marine holding tanks.

Can the Porta Fresh Deodorizer be used in the Grey Water Tank and Black Tanks?

Yes. It can be used in both.

Can it be flushed down the toilet?


Will Porta Fresh Deodorizer stain the RV Toilet?

No. It won’t

Is Porta Fresh Deodorizer good for Boats?

Yes. The Porta Fresh Deodorizer is definitely good for boats.

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