How to Choose the Right Drain Cleaner

Drain clogs are a nuisance, and if you don’t know a lot about unclogging methods, it can become an infuriating sequence of events and emotions. These sequences often start with anger and end with acceptance — like the stages of grief for home maintenance tasks.

When you first notice your water draining improperly, you might be met with unnecessary rage. But once you make your way to the acceptance stage, it’s time to solve the problem productively, without rage, and without wasting your hard-earned money.

Don’t cling to the outdated idea that you need to call a plumber every time your pipes seem to be backed up. Plumbers are great but should be reserved for serious issues that are absolutely unfixable without a professional. It’s always best to try out your own fix with a product you trust. Plus, when it works, you’ll feel more accomplished as you save lots of money.

How to choose the right drain cleaner

Not all drain cleaners are created equal. When searching for a drain opener, there are so many different kinds that it can be overwhelming to scroll through Amazon or stare at shelves at Home Depot. Here are some of the best tips I can offer you for choosing the best drain cleaner for your situation:

Look for safer options

Finding a drain cleaner or drain opener that is listed as biodegradable, safer for the environment, safe for pipes or non-fuming. This helps keep your plumbing and the soil around your home unharmed by chemicals. Using formulas that are safer ensures your pipes and the planet will go unharmed.

Avoid dangerous chemicals

Stay away from corrosive and caustic chemicals like sodium hydroxide, sulfuric acid, bleach or peroxides. These chemicals can dissolve clogs, but they can also wear away at your pipes over time and cause damage to your plumbing system. Don’t take the risk!

Look for ease of use

Is the product you’re looking at simple? Or does it involve multiple steps that make you feel exhausted and confused just reading the instructions? If you’re confused within the first few seconds of reading instructions, it’s not worth the time. Look for an unclogging product that has premeasured doses for your drains. No thinking required.

Money-back guarantee

Lots of companies *guarantee* products will work and hope you’ll take their word as you close your eyes and give your money away. It takes a really confident company to not only guarantee their product will work, but guarantee your money back. Sometimes pipes house a deeper issue than a drain opener can solve, and not every drain clog is as simple a fix as you might think. If you find a company that has a money-back policy, don’t let them go!

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