Powdered Drain & Sewer Opener - 25lbs


When it comes to clearing out the toughest clogs, you don't need gimmicks—you need the Green Gobbler. Simply called The Drain Opener, this cuts right to the chase—and the clog. It's an odorless, biodegradable powder that ya put into your pipes to dissolve paper, hair, soap scum, or any other nastiness that's holdin' up your pipes.

From your shower at home to a high-use area like a restaurant sink, The Drain Opener is safe for all pipes, toilets, and septic systems. This stuff works hard to fix your drains and even improve their performance. 

So, if ya have a tough clog and don't have time to mess around, Let the Gobbler Get It.

  • MAKE YOUR DRAIN FLOW PROPERLY: Green Gobbler Drain Opener uses powerful ingredients to eliminate the toughest clogs. 
  • BREAK UP TOUGH CLOGS: This product is highly effective against hair, grease, paper, cooking oil, soap scum, and organic matter.
  • PERFECT FOR: Green Gobbler Drain Opener is a go-to solution for restaurants, schools and hotels. It works wonders on drains and plumbing systems that get used frequently.
  • SAFE FOR PIPES: Green Gobbler created an odorless formula that's safe for pipes. Our product contains no VOC's, petroleum solvents, chlorine, ethoxylates, dye, synthetic fragrance, or bleach.  
  • GREEN GOBBLER GUARANTEE: We take pride in developing innovative & effective products. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, please contact us.


For Sinks, Tubs and Drains:

  • Pour 8oz of product into drain.
  • Add small amount of hot tap water to rinse any remaining powder from surface (caution: wet powder left on surfaces can cause corrosion, especially on stainless/painted surfaces)
  • Let stand for 15-30 minutes then flush with plenty of hot water.

Note: For tough clogs use second Pac and let stand overnight. Then flush with plenty of very hot tap water.

For Toilets: Use 16oz of product in toilet. Allow to sit overnight. If water level is abnormally high, allow water to reduce by approximately 50% and then flush.

Maintenance Tip: For optimal results, use in each drain in your home once a month. Additional instructions for use on inside of label.

View and download Safety Data Sheets (SDS)