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Our ovens get lots and lots of usage over time, from baking cookies to cooking that family dinner every evening. And we all love a nice clean workspace for cooking time. You wipe down your countertops and put your cooking dishes and utensils through the dishwasher to keep a tidy workspace, but many people overlook cleaning one essential space: the oven itself.

Your oven is used over and over again, which means eventually it can become coated in grease, food splatter, food smells, crumbs, and even rust. In order to keep your cooking efficient and cleanly, it's important to do a deep clean of your oven every once and a while.


Cleaning Your Oven



One of the best home remedies for wiping down the inside and outside of your greasy grimy oven is using vinegar.

White vinegar has the power to completely cleanse and degrease your oven, as well as all other kitchen surfaces. It cuts through grease and deodorizes your oven along the way.

How to use vinegar for oven cleaning:

  • Get yourself a quality white vinegar product with NO additives. This will ensure that the cleaner is safe for use in your oven. This 20% vinegar product works perfectly!
  • Remove all the racks from your oven (they will be cleaned separately).
  • Get yourself a scrubber brush AND a spray bottle for the vinegar.
  • Pour the vinegar into the spray bottle and begin spraying along all sides and walls of your oven. TIP: Avoid putting the vinegar directly on your heating elements or gas elements.
  • Completely coat all surfaces of your oven with the vinegar, then close the oven.
  • Allow the vinegar to soak into your oven overnight.
  • Then, place your oven racks either outside (if the weather calls for it) or inside your tub and spray the racks with the vinegar as well, completely coating them.
  • The next day, using the scrubber brush and more vinegar, begin harshly scrubbing. This should remove any remaining grease, grime, or rust from your oven and oven racks.
  • All done!

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