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Chances are you’ve probably used a chemical drain cleaner before. Maybe you knew it contained harsh chemicals or maybe you didn’t. But your toilet is your friend, and with the huge chunk of your life that you spend sitting on it, it’s important to keep it healthy for your sake. 

So before you go pouring strange liquids down your drain during your next plumbing emergency, keep in mind some of the details and risks that come with using chemicals like acids and caustic cleaners.

Why do people use chemical drain cleaners?

Chemical drain cleaners are used simply because they are available, they are slightly cheaper, and many people don’t know about the effects they can have. People hear the word “bleach” and equate it to being the best thing to put down their drains. But just because you hear the word often doesn’t mean it’s better or safe. It just means that companies who use harsh chemicals are great at manipulation. Don’t give in!

Why are chemical drain cleaners bad?

Chemical drain cleaners come in a few different forms, but most commonly you may find caustic and acidic drain cleaners. These kinds of drain cleaners often contain chemicals like lye or bleach, which can cause damage to certain types of pipes and plumbing materials. 

These chemicals are ever-available, so it’s not your fault if your first instinct is to use them in your plumbing. But there are some things you need to know first:

  1. These chemicals may penetrate through clogs, but they can also create tiny holes and cracks in your pipes that can corrode faster over time, leaving you with more problems than when you started.
  2. Not only can these chemicals damage your plumbing but they can also irritate your skin, nose, and eyes if you’re too close to it. And since you’ll probably have to be close while pouring it down the drain, you can see the dilemma. Most of the corrosive content of chemical drain cleaners give off fumes that could irritate someone in a hazmat suit.
  3. These chemicals can disrupt the natural balance of beneficial bacteria in your pipes, which will hurt your system in the long-run. All plumbing systems need a balance of bacteria that can munch through organic matter naturally. Without this balance, your pipes will run into the same problems over and over again. 

What alternatives are there?

An alternative to harsh chemical drain cleaners is our Drain Opening Pacs. These easy-to-use packets are biodegradable, safe on all kinds of pipes and drains, and most importantly, do not contain caustic substances like bleach or lye. Another alternative is Drain Clog Dissolver, which liquefies hair, soap scum and toilet paper without harming your pipes or septic system.

Don’t settle for products that can do more harm than good in the long run, take a little time to look into what’s best for your plumbing system. After all, we do spend a lot of time with our toilet friend, so let’s treat it right.

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