Pet Mess Pet & Carpet Stain Remover 32oz - 2 Pack

Pets are adorable… until they make a mess on your carpet. For their Number Ones and Number Twos, try Pet Mess: Pet Stain Remover. Green Gobbler’s top-dog stain remover lifts the toughest pet stains from carpets, upholstery and other fabrics.

Pet Mess can help remove vomit, dirt, urine stains and other unsightly messes. It will lift the stain right from the carpet and eliminate any harsh odors, thanks to its incredible dual-action technology.

If you’re searching for a fast-acting stain remover with odor control, you’re barking up the right tree. Order Pet Mess Pet Stain Remover today for all of your pet’s little mishaps.

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  • DUAL ACTION technology that utilizes powerful surfactants and stabilized enzymes that work together. The surfactants help break down the stain while the enzymes starts eating it away!
  • A safer alternative to use around kids and pets because of it’s non-harsh chemical formulation
  • Uses odor-encapsulation technology to neutralize harsh smells and also helps to discourage pets from re-soiling
  • Great for cleaning carpets, upholstery, fabrics, drapes and furniture from all sorts of stains including pet urine, dirt, vomit stains and more
  • FAST ACTING technology starts working to lift stains within just 30 seconds
Pet Mess Pet & Carpet Stain Remover 32oz - 2 Pack
Pet Mess Pet & Carpet Stain Remover 32oz - 2 Pack Pet Mess Pet & Carpet Stain Remover 32oz - 2 Pack Pet Mess Pet & Carpet Stain Remover 32oz - 2 Pack Pet Mess Pet & Carpet Stain Remover 32oz - 2 Pack

Before using this product, we recommend testing it in an inconspicuous area to see if there is any discoloration. If the color of the surface changes, do not use this product on the surface.

For stain removal: Clean as much of the stain as possible. Spray the surface. Use a moist towel to blot the stain area and work the cleaner into the fibers of the fabric. Wait five to ten minutes before wiping away the stain with the cloth.

For odor elimination: Wipe away any odor-causing material. Spray and soak the area with the cleaner. Wait five to ten minutes, then blot the area dry with a damp cloth. Keep animals away from the area until it is dry.

Does it take care of pet smells?

Yes, Green Gobbler Pet Mess uses odor-encapulsation technology to neutralize the worst pet odors. Even when there’s not a stain, this product can be used to treat pets smells in carpets, furniture, and car seats.

Is it just for carpets?

No, you can use Green Gobbler Pet Mess on upholstery, bedding, and car interiors. However, we do recommend testing an inconspicuous area first to see if there’s any discoloration. Discoloration is rare, but it’s best to err on the side of caution.
The enzymes and surfactants will eat away at the mess instantly! You will start to see a change in the stain in about 30 seconds. We recommend leaving the formula on the stain for a couple of minutes before wiping or vacuuming the area.

Does it remove muddy paw prints?

Yep! Green Gobbler treats all types of pet stains.

How exactly does it prevent my pet from making another mess?

Pets will smell around and return to places where they know they can make a mess. The solution will neutralize any pet odors, so your pet won’t think to re-soil the area.

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