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christmas cookies

What says “holidays” more than a big beautiful batch of homemade cookies? 

Lots of us love to bake. And many of us don’t bake often but participate in the lovely tradition during the cold months of the holiday season. With the smell of vanilla wafting through the air, the colorful icing, and the sprinkling of flour all over your kitchen counters, it’s easy to see that the holidays have arrived. You might be baking cookies for an upcoming holiday party, for your mother-in-law who has just been begging for one of your specialties, or just to start traditions with your kids or grandkids. No matter the reason, having homemade cookies in your winter cookie tins is a great feeling. But the clean up afterward can be a huge turn-off for some of us.

Don’t let the baking messes keep you from experiencing this holiday tradition. The clean up doesn’t have to be as frustrating and time-consuming as you may think. With the right products and maybe even some helpful family members, your clean-up can be just as enjoyable and fun as the baking. Plus, as a reward -- you'll have some cookies afterward. Just keep thinking of the cookies.

Clean up Baking Messes Easily

When you bake during the holiday season, you tend to make a mess whether you mean to or not. Even the most diligent kitchen cleaners will inevitably have lots of cleanup to do once the fun part is over. But the cleanup can also be fun! Grab your cleaning supplies, put on the Jingle Bell Rock, and get cleaning with your family! 

The magical ingredient: Orange Oil

To clean almost any mess in the kitchen and beyond, cold-pressed orange oil will do the trick! It’s a powerful degreaser, a polishing agent, and cuts through sticky residue, making cleaning tasks easier and less time-consuming. Here are some ideas on how to clean with orange oil...

Clean Flour & Other Ingredients

Orange oil will pick up all sorts of crumbs, and flour is no exception. Because of orange oil's characteristics, it is very easy to collect flour and other powder-y particles for easy removal, like sugar, salt, and cinnamon (yum!) All those crumbs and leftovers will be a thing of the past -- with some cookies in your future!

Clean Sticky Residue

Orange oil is great at cutting through grease and sticky residue leftover from all sorts of ingredients. Gross, gooey egg whites and corn syrup can get all over the place, and with young kids grabbing onto every piece of furniture for dear life with this sticky nonsense on their hand, you can find yourself in trouble. Use orange oil to clean up greasy, sticky messes from your kitchen table and counters before the disease of stickiness starts spreading throughout your house via children's fingers.

Polish Your Counters

Kitchen counters can very easily become dull and ugly from staining and overuse. Orange oil is perfect for removing stains and polishing counters to get them looking fresh and clean after your cookie baking time is up. Simply get yourself a towel, sponge, or scrubber of choice, and gently apply some orange oil to your most used and abused kitchen surfaces until your counters are sparkling again. Don't forget to dilute accordingly!

Orange Oil: The Savior

Orange Oil really is a holy grail of cleaners. Not only can it be used to clean up kitchen and baking messes, but it can be used in bathrooms, on carpet stains, on furniture, and even to polish your shoes! This holiday season, get yourself the gift of easy, painless cleaning -- and a delicious citrus scent, too! 

orange oil surface cleaner

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