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Drain Cleaner & Deodorizer Strips


$ 14.99

Food and grease will stick to your drain like Velcro. Pretty gross. Luckily you can clear the gunk in your drain with a Bio-Flow Deodorizing Strip. One tiny little strip will eliminate leftover food in your drain and tame the putrid smells coming from it. Two uses, one strip. That’s what we like to call a double-whammy. (It’s an industry term.) Smelly drain? Bio-Flow Drain Strips will eat away at organic matter better than the no-name drain cleaner you have under your sink. Drop one strip into your drain and the slow-dissolving bacteria and enzymes will start to work instantly. The gunk that’s stuck inside of your drain won’t stand a chance against Bio-Flow’s enzymes. Grease, oil, fats, scum, food: all gone in a matter of minutes. How’s that for easy drain maintenance? Each pack comes with 12 Bio-Flow Drain Strips.


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Reviews Welcomed! Write a review


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