Green Gobbler Clog Remover Tool - 5 pack


Sometimes, ya gotta take matters (and clogs) into your own hands. And when that happens, the Green Gobbler's got ya. These Clog Remover Tools are the fastest and easiest ways to clear up nasty hair cloggin' your pipes. Just stick the tool down the drain, move it around, take it out, and then your drain is clear, and everything is back and flowin' again.

Sink at a standstill? Standin' water in the tub creepin' ya out? Well, these durable 22" tools are perfect for any clog in your home. Why waste money on a plumber when you can use these safe and reusable tools and take matters into your own hands? So, when a clog is causin' a hairy situation, Let the Gobbler Get It.

  • WORKS LIKE A CHARM - Green Gobbler’s Hair Grabber tool is the most effortless and reliable solution for easily removing hair and other blockages.
  • SAVE MONEY ON A PLUMBER - Don’t waste hundreds of dollars for a plumber to remove the hair clogging your drain. Save money by doing it yourself with this extra-long 22” hair grabber!
  • REUSABLE - This hair grabbing tool is made of sturdy plastic material that can easily be rinsed off and re-used multiple times.
  • USE IN ANY DRAIN - This tool is safe and compatible with all household drains, including: sinks, bathtubs, and showers!
  • SAFE FOR PLUMBING - Hair Grabber Tool clears drains of hair quickly and effectively, all while being safe for your plumbing system.

Simply lower the hair grabber tool into any drain that is clogged or slow-running. Once the tool is as far into the drain as possible, slowly pull it back, allowing it to grab all the hair that is blocking the line. Remove the hair & repeat the process as needed. Can be rinsed off and used multiple times.