Pet Safe Ice Melt - Magnesium Chloride - 35lbs


Green Gobbler’s Pet-Safe Ice Melt is your new best friend. Our magnesium chloride ice melter is safer than other leading ice melt products. If your pet happens to take a stroll in the ice melt, it is less likely to irritate their paws or cause gastrointestinal problems if ingested. Choose the best for your pet by ordering Green Gobbler today!

  • Melts snow and ice in extremely cold temperatures (as low as -10°F)
  • Safer for pets
  • Easy to use in various ice melt spreaders
  • Leaves no lingering residue
  • Less corrosive on metal
Pet Safe Ice Melt - Magnesium Chloride - 35lbs
Pet Safe Ice Melt - Magnesium Chloride - 35lbs Pet Safe Ice Melt - Magnesium Chloride - 35lbs Pet Safe Ice Melt - Magnesium Chloride - 35lbs Pet Safe Ice Melt - Magnesium Chloride - 35lbs

Spread before a snowfall to prevent accumulation. Spread after a snowfall to melt snow and ice. With Green Gobbler, a little goes a long way. Try a more conservative approach rather than using more than needed. Use with a rotary spreader, if possible.

Is magnesium chloride really safer for my pet?

Yes. While there’s no ice melt that’s 100% safe, magnesium chloride has a notoriously low toxicity level. That means it’s safer for your pets. If your pet walks on magnesium chloride or consumes any of the pellets, you won’t have to rush to the nearest hospital. What’s even better is that Green Gobbler’s pellets are round, unlike rock salt pellets, which are sharp. That means these pellets are much not painful for your pet if they happen to stuck in between their paws. Of course, if you want to protect your pet, keep an eye on them while they are outside around the pellets and wipe off their paws as soon as they come back inside. But if you have to use an ice melt product around your pets and plants, magnesium chloride is the better option.

How do the pellets actually work?

Green Gobbler’s Pet-Safe Ice Melt lowers the freezing point of the water and generates exothermic heat to break snow and ice bonds quickly.

Can I use it with my run-of-the-mill rotary spreader?

Yes, the pellets are round, which means they are ideal for inexpensive rotary spreaders. Now you can spread ice melt without hauling around a large pail or heavy bag.

Does magnesium chloride cause concrete spalling?

It’s unlikely. Our formula has the least potential to cause concrete spalling on new concrete when compared to rock salt and calcium chloride.

View and download Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
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